無線+營銷 打造商場無線O2O經濟圈

Shopping mall O2O best options

Create the ultimate online experience of the mall wi-fi and powerful marketing platform.


4 major problems when facing the shopping mall wireless network construction
  • 終端接入.png

    Complex floor plan,crowed area,high density of connection, normal routers is hard to meet the network requirement.

  • 體驗不佳.png

    Poor online behavior control, serious crowed network traffic, bad user experience

  • 網絡安全.png

    Simple traditional Wi-Fi key sharing method, risk for internet safety

  • 營銷功能.png

    Limited simple advertisement display effect , lack individuation, accurate marketing means and passenger flow analysis platform

Double access performance
Not afraid for crowed flow

AP built-in intelligent atenna, automatically adjust channel and power, ensure full signal for using;


4 times connections compared with normal routers, no problem for high peak time;


Intelligent load balancing function, all terminals automatically access to the optimal AP, each AP access number is balanced and reasonable.


Intelligent network speed optimization

5G priority,5G device connect to 5G channel;


Air time fairness, intelligent identity the speed of device, automatically adjust the traffic;


Unique wireless network acceleration,ensure smooth traffic realease in complecated environment;


Traffic controll base on application,set policy for high-usage app and ensure the social app priorty connection to internet.

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Safe Wi-Fi

Provide WeChat authentication and other Internet access authentication, automatic binding authentication account and MAC, ensure the identity is legal;

Exclusive anti-phishing AP function, automatic detection, blocking individual hot spots, fishing SSID, let network hackers can not attack;

Built-in online behavior management and behavior audit to meet the security requirements of the ministry of public security and public wi-fi;

The office of the mall and the customers are isolated from each other, and the internal and external networks use different authentication methods and assign different access rights.。

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獨家無線營銷平臺 商業決策有理有據

Unique wireless marketing platform

built-in advertising push center supports personalized marketing ads based on different terminals, time slots, locations, and access times.;

The analysis function of exclusive online behavior can understand the user's search preferences according to the online behavior, and carry out precise advertising push.;

The data analysis of omni-directional passenger flow shows the traffic situation, return rate, residence time and portrait of the crowd.;

Facebook built-in wifi function, increasing public attention and creating a fan economy.。

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More possiblity for shopping mall

It can deeply connect with third-party wireless carriers, provide stable wireless environment, and ensure the wireless traffic of third-party business. Such as shopping mall wireless banking, wireless monitoring, indoor navigation and other businesses...


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