wifi operation management

Wireless Operation
Easy to go

Build-in visualized interface, refined management, marketin push, business wifi deployment, support 3rd party billing server.

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

With all the configuration on the GUI interface, wihout any other management software, easily manage the network and AP.

Heatmap tool shows the flow density in the area, check the real time status of the AP, signal, throughput etc.

All the operation logs will be recorded in the system, including the AP, security, authentication, login, support download the log.

All in One

All in One Operation

Sundray AC integrated the controller, authenticaiton server, marketing system, access analyze system, IAM, audit, VPN, firewall, portal server into one box.
Simple network deployment help save the cost of device and operation manwork. 

hierarchical decentralized

Centralize Management

For customer with branches, Sundray offers centralized management solution, HQ and branch deploy controller , HQ AC manages all the branch device, branch no need any configuration, which achieves zero roaming and auto configuration. In HQ administrator can set several branch account, which can only manage branch AP, like set marketing policy and policy. 

Wi-Fi billing operation

Wi-Fi billing operation 

Sundray offers billing API for integration with 3rd party billing server, which meats the demand of billing in the scenario like public wifi or community and school. 

Wi-Fi advertising operation

Wi-Fi ads operation 

Sundray offer marketing platform, which can send various of ads to customer.

Ads can be set to push based on different pilicy like online duration, first access, repeat user etc.

commerical wifi construction

Cloud deployment 

For retail customer, Sundray offer virtual appliance which support deploy virtual controller 

cloud platform like VMware, in the store only need AP for covearate and also achieve the

advanced feature like marketing and bigdata, this will help save the cost of deploy other 


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