全覆蓋+無干擾 為移動醫療業務提供安全穩定的Wi-Fi環境

Full coverage+no interface
Providing safe and steady Wi-Fi environment for movable medical business.

Seamless docking medical equipment, support mobile medical service carrying, roaming continuous line;

Low radiation and zero interference, no need to worry about affecting patients' health and interfering with medical equipment.


4 major problems for medical wireless network construction
  • 網絡防護.png

    The general wireless network lacks professional security protection mechanism, and medical data and user information can easily lead to leakage.

  • 無線體驗.png

    Download, watch video and other online behaviors are not controlled, seriously affect the medical network and other users normal use.

  • 業務承載.png

    The traditional WiFi scheme has low performance and poor coverage, and the seamless access of medical devices is easy to break and drop.

  • 無線增值.png

    The ordinary wireless network simply meets the needs of the Internet, lacks the marketing function, and can not be customized and developed in combination with the business needs.

Multiple protection in one
Safer medical network

The medical network and the visitor network are isolated from each other, and the access terminals are isolated from each other to prevent illegal invasion and steal sensitive information.


Built-in enterprise-level firewall and anti-phishing AP function can effectively prevent hacker attacks and ensure the security of Internet data;


The terminal MAC/ user identity and other dimensions set access rights and access policies to ensure that the terminal is legally accessible to the medical network.;


Deep integration of online behavior management functions, built-in application identification library, URL address library, support the application based online behavior management.

Know more about wireless safty policy


More intelligent device
Bulid more stable, quick wireless network

Wireless AP has built-in smart antenna, which can automatically adjust the channel and power to ensure that the rooms, restaurants and conference rooms are full of signals at any time;

Single wireless AP oversize capacity, all terminals are automatically connected to the best AP, and 5G terminal is preferred to 5G frequency band;

Be flexible to set the Internet time and traffic, avoid video, download and other applications to slow down the overall network speed and affect other user experience;

Support the application of bandwidth resource management, priority to ensure business people video conference, network telephone, mail system and other applications.

Know more about wireless optimizaiton policy

Smart medical service carries.

Deep docking hospital information management system, for electronic inspection, wireless nursing, infusion and medicine warehouse management;

Mobile medical service provides fast, safe and stable wireless access environment.



The medical information development platform facilitates the construction of smart medical treatment platform

The built-in one-button information is issued on the platform. When the wireless connection is connected, the patient/family's smart terminal equipment can be pushed to the patient/family by the guidance of the doctor and the introduction of the department.

Correctly guide the procedure, reduce queuing/consultation time, and improve the efficiency of treatment.

No interference in the medical device with no intersection frequency.

The wireless devices meet the national standard, and the signal radiation is less than 1mw, which is lower than the radiation of the mobile phone terminal, so there is no need to worry about affecting the health of the patients.

The frequency of the wireless network and the frequency of medical devices are not intermingled, and the wi-fi signal does not interfere with medical devices.



Wireless deivece cetification
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