安全+營銷+管理 打造功能更完善的金融無線網絡

More completed financial wireless network

Dividing intranet & extranet, authentication

,data encryption,enterprise class firewall,cluster management,accurate marketing


4 major problems when facing the financial wireless network construction
  • 安全防護.png

    Safety of customer information,business data,access safty,data transformation 

  • 上網權限.png

    Difficult to divide the Internet access, can not be refined personal or terminal network permissions

  • 上網體驗.png

    Most of outlets are built by operators, need repeating authentication, less delicated management.

  • 增值運營.png

    Limitted traditional Wi-Fi advertisment functions, less customized and delicated marketing function.

End to end safety protection
Financial level safe wireless

Built-in enterprise firewall, WIPS/WIDS system, effectively prevent hacker attacks to ensure financial information security;

Integrated digital certificate authority and RADIUS server, support for CA, MAC, 802.1X certified Internet, ensure legal access;

Automatically detect illegal AP, illegal AD-Hoc, automatically alarm, counter-terrorism, from the source to avoid access to illegal Wi-Fi;

Intranet office and visitor network isolation, end-user isolation, the respective data transmitted through the encrypted tunnel.

Know more about wireless safety policy


Personal customizaiton, delicated online acess management

Delicated internet authentication, different policy base on different business department, user identification, deminal types;
Internet access management, built-in application database, URL database.

One- time authentication, no more authentication in other branch.
Extreme internet experience.

Convenient access,through various  authentication;


Air time fairness, best distribution on the bandwidth to ensure the internet experience;


Same network infrasture in branch,  business hall, no more “double authentication” and support roaming in different sites.

Know more about wireless authentication policy

多元化營銷平臺  針對性推廣業務信息

Multi-marketing platform,customization business information

SMS, Wechat, Facebook authentication, export users information for advertising;

Push advertising base on time, locations, terminals and user identifications;

Support APP authentication, push the bank APP in most efficient way;

Collecting all the login user number, connecting time, duration time, user preferences.

Know more about wireless marketing policy 

Multi - branch integrated network

General bank/branch deployment AC, branch network deployment AP, unified network, centralized management;

Built-in VPN function, business data encryption transmission, effectively prevent information theft;

Multi - level control of the controller, effectively prevent single point of failure, network stability is multiplied;

Hierarchical decentralization management, support to set up sub-management accounts according to the region, grouping and function.

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