? 安全+高密場景優化 專為智慧校園設計的無線方案

Safety+High density user optimization
Intelligent wireless designed for campus 

Supplier for China “digital campus overall solutions”


4 major problems when facing the school wireless network construction
  • 覆蓋效果.png

    Large campus area , wide range coverage, traditional program has signal coverage unstable blind area much.

  • 信息.png

    Simple traditional scheme safety mechanism is, low system security protection ability, the data security deposit risk.

  • 權限難控.png

    Access to the Internet is difficult to distribute, and simple IP based policy restrictions cannot be refined and controlled.

  • 維護難.png

    Large quantity of AP deployment point, large data flow, IT needs to take into account the cable network, big IT maintenance workload

High performance + scenario optimization
Most fluent online experience

The sub-scene adopts different schemes to unify the network, realizing the indoor and outdoor non-blind area coverage, Stable signal and fast speed;


Support L2 / L3 seamless roaming, a certification, within range of the whole school has no sense of roaming switch,  Non-interrupting data;


Based on AP and traffic load balancing, the terminal is automatically connected to the best AP to enhance the Internet experience of high-density scenes;


Intelligent radio frequency, broadcast optimization, and improve the transmission rate of the group, satisfying the high and stable access of electronic schoolbag and other scenes.

Know more about wireless optimization policy


Multiple protection
More safe education wireless network


Different wireless networks are created according to the access group, and the office network, teaching network and student network are isolated from each other.;


Built-in enterprise-level firewall, effectively prevent ARP fraud, flood attack, DDos attack, illegal ad-hoc, etc.;


Integrated WIPS/WIDS system, timely warning and counter-attack hacker intrusion and network attack, fully guarantee wireless security.

Know more about wireless safety policy

Flexible Internet access control
You determine your student's  behavior

Support multiple access authentication, and can connect to the school's original authentication server, related LDAP database to achieve advanced certification.;

Effectively shield students' dormitory from personal wi-fi and personal hot spots, and limit Internet time to prevent the campus network from being uncontrollable.;

The access control strategy is based on VLAN group, terminal and location.;

Built-in application identification library, URL address library, effective control of online behavior, deny access to illegal and unhealthy network resources.


功能強大  管理卻很簡單

Simple powerful management.

Full web visual Chinese interface, abandon the command line complex management mode, convenient IT personnel configuration, reduce operation difficulty;

 Control strategy centralized configuration, one key down, and can be based on the region, function set sub-management account, flexible authorization management;


Visual display of wireless AP running status, access and network traffic, fast location terminal, convenient troubleshooting.

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支持個性化認證定制 輕松實現計費運營
Support personalized authentication customization.
Easy implementation of billing operation.

Can be combined with the billing system implementation fees on the Internet, docking school web servers, original directly related information such as student id, name, certification, simple steps to complete the user registration, billing, cancel the operation, and flexible set billing methods, mode of payment.

Know more about wireless authenication policy


Integrated networking
Easily create cross-school education metropolitan area network.

Support multi - school integration network, realize urban area, cross - city school wireless centralized management, sharing wireless education resourse.

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