? Smart community Wi-Fi solutions,Solving the last mile communication by Sundray Wi-Fi

Smart community Wi-Fi solutions
Solving the last mile communication by Sundray Wi-Fi

Professional enterprise Wi-Fi, sound wirelesss security and good using experience will build a new smart community.

Four Problems to Be Solved in smart community Wireless Wi-Fi

Four Problems to Be Solved in smart community Wireless Wi-Fi
  • The community environment is complex and there is a blockage of the building, which easily leads to wireless signal attenuation or blind spots

  • The composition of community Wi-Fi access personnel is relatively complex and requires a perfect network security control mechanism

  • The number of community Wi-Fi access is relatively dense and the bandwidth usage is high

  • The modern community is not only wireless coverage, but also needs to use wireless to implement community intelligent application services

Professional wireless devices, Highest protection level
Professional wireless devices
Highest protection level

Sundray outdoor wireless AP adopts sealed design to achieve the industry's highest level of IP68 protection, waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, lightning-proof, flame-retardant design, adapt to -40 °C ~ 70 °C, humidity 0% ~ 100% of the work scene, regardless of It is in the cold north or in the wet south, Sundray wireless devices can easily deal with.

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Multiple wireless features,Create a better wireless experience

Multiple wireless features
Create a better wireless experience

Sundray wireless devices support seamless roaming of Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices. Between different AP signal coverages, the access terminal switching speed is not higher than 20ms. This ensures that users are within the wireless range of the community and the network is not dropped. More wireless load balancing, RF optimization, smart broadcast and other functions, effectively improve the community Wi-Fi performance, ensure wireless community Wi-Fi experience.

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Building a green and secure community wireless

For the security of the community Wi-Fi, Sundray technology wireless devices built a variety of wireless security features, such as: anti-phishing AP function, can automatically detect and shield personal hotspots, illegal SSID, and counter-measures to ensure that users can only Connected and compliant public Wi-Fi; Combining internet access management and auditing, it can effectively filter violent and illegal websites and build a green and safe community Wi-Fi.

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Authentication + Marketing push,Building a new model of community business

Authentication + Marketing push
Building a new model of community business

Sundray technology wireless devices support multiple online authentication methods, simplify the steps of the Internet, and combine personalized and accurate marketing platforms. , Support SMS, graphic, web pages, custom pages and other forms of push, and according to business needs, advertising space rental; At the same time, according to the needs of community networks, to achieve billing access, build a new community business model.

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智慧社區不止是無線覆蓋 應用承載是關鍵
Smart community is more than wireless coverage
application is the key

The Sundray Technology smart community wireless is not only a simple wireless coverage, but also can carry wireless community Wi-Fi-based applications. Such as: community wireless monitoring, community business ultra wireless cash register, community electronic access control and other wireless carrier-based applications.

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