Channel Partner Policy

Channel Partner Policy

Sundray adopts an all-channel model. As a principal, Sundray focuses on wireless product development, perfect wireless functions and solutions, after-sales service, technical training,
and assist channel partners complete the implementation of wireless project.



Structure of Channel Partner


Commercial channel partners

It is divided into the commercial distributor and commercial gold partner, provides product solutions and technical support to authorized commercial users such as enterprises, shopping malls, scenic spots, hotels, etc.


Industry channels partners

Including industry gold partners, providing product solutions and technical support to authorized industry customers such as government, medical, education, financial, etc.


Strategic channel partners

National channel partners, with branches in major cities in the country or independent software developers that undertake software and hardware packaging business.

Partner Support

Partner Support

No overstock

Sundray does not set a target of overstock for the cooperation partner, and minimizes the pressure on the partner funds.

Marketing support

Sundray regularly provides channel partners with financial, human and material resources to support their marketing activities.

Private contact person

Sundray will arrange the designated sales to dock each cooperation partner to maintain market order.

Project support

Provide free wireless test equipment, site survey, technical solutions, technical cooperation and other support.

Fast response

24 x7 support from presales and aftersales, respond to all questions in 30 minutes.

6 Reasons to choose Sundray

  • Expansion capacity

    According to IDC report, enterprise wireless still maintains a strong growth momentum in 2016, the enterprise wireless market is expected to exceed 100 billion.

  • market status

    At the Q1 of 2018, Sundray has ranked top 3 in China's enterprise wireless market, it is the fastest growing vendor in the industry.

  • Technical strength

    Sundray is one of the only three companies in the wireless industry in China have obtained the highest level of CMMI5 certification, which proves software development ability.

  • Innovation strength

    Sundray advocates a culture of innovation and encourages R&D employees to apply for technical patents. At present, there are nearly 100 patents related to wireless technology applications.

  • Product Innovation

    The first company integrate the online behavior management/auditing, VPN gateway, marketing push, authentication platform and other functions into Sundray wireless controller to create the all-in-one wireless network device.

  • Customer service

    Sundray’s successful customers include China Merchants Bank, Taiping Insurance, Vanke Plaza, Window of the World, China Red Bull, Beijing University of Science and Technology and more than 45,000 industry customers.

Cooperation Process


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