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New product launches Sundray Technology launches high-performance core switch


From the first POE switch to the first intelligent switch, Sundray has always been on the road of innovation, speed and quality.

For four years, in the field of switches, Sundray is committed to solving the most realistic scene requirements of users. In this concept and practice, Sundray's first core switch was born!


With the increasing number of users of the Sundray, especially in the wired network, the smart switch has three characteristics of security, simplicity and practicality, which makes the security of the internal network terminal device effectively controlled and redefines the new network security boundary.  With the release of the core switch, Sudray has further accelerated the pace of network + security convergence.


The configuration of the Sundray S8514 core switch is as follows: 2 engine control slots, 12 service slots, 4 switching network slots; 7 power module slots; 4 fan modules... Let's take a closer look at S8514 Features of this product:


     Advanced architecture: The S8514 core switch adopts the advanced Clos multi-level multi-plane architecture design, with independent switching network board, which realizes the separation of the engine main control board and the switching network board hardware, and the switching network board and service line card are completely used. The orthogonal design (90 degrees) effectively reduces the routing between the switching network board and the service line board, greatly reducing the forwarding delay between the service line card and the switching network board.

Innovative stacking: The S8514 core switch supports 80KM long-distance stacking of two devices. It is flexible and convenient. It breaks the limitation of the traditional stacking technology and implements stacking of packet and data service packets to ensure the stability of network service data.

High reliability: The "heart" of the core switch network, the importance is self-evident, all system modules can support redundant hot standby, ensuring the stable and continuous operation of this "heart". The S8514 core switch supports redundant hot standby of all components: the main control unit 1+1 hot backup, the switching network, the power system, and the fan system adopt M+N hot backup.

Excellent performance: On the performance index, S8514 provides line-speed forwarding of high-density line cards such as 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G. The S8514 has a single-slot bandwidth of 640G, fully supports the solution, and actively responds to the national strategic IPv6 scale deployment.

Data Center: As we all know, the core switch is the key node of the campus network and the data center network. With the trend of user network cloud computing, virtualization and big data, the core switch needs to smoothly evolve to support the data center function attributes. The S8514 supports TRILL/SPB. , FCOE, SDN, business non-disruptive upgrades, etc., fully meet the needs of the data center network.


This Sundray core switch is suitable for high-level campus networks and data centers. It is the peak of debut! In the campus network: to create a three-network convergence solution for wired and wireless IoT integration; in the data center: easy to use, powerful, support 40G/100G core interconnection.

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