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Switch automatic fault repairness, how it will takes to the unmanned operation


With the rapid development of the Internet, the network has become a "lifeline" for enterprise development. Whether it is a start-up, a small or medium-sized enterprise, or a large enterprise, there is an urgent need for the network. In the process of enterprise networking, switches also play an irreplaceable role in enterprise networking.

The voice of the "old boy" from the IT operation and maintenance industry: “When a problem occurs, we artificially perceive the problem and then troubleshoot the problem and locate the problem. At this time, the business may have been hanging for a long time.” "As the business complexity becomes higher and higher, it is impossible to rely on people to operate the entire platform and business. It is impossible for people to stare at the system all day."

Therefore, what kind of switch can meet the needs of the above operation and maintenance personnel? Let's talk about the new features of Sundray intelligent switch automation operation and maintenance management today!

Steve is an enterprise IT operation and maintenance engineer responsible for video surveillance network maintenance. Steve often encounters this problem: after the monitoring equipment is running for a period of time, there will always be a phenomenon that the video screen of the background monitoring platform disappears. At this time, the usual practice of the Steve is to go to the monitoring station to unplug the power supply, restart the camera, and everything will be restored again!

Now, with the Sundray intelligent switch, IT operation and maintenance can fully realize the "unmanned" automatic management! Simply put, when the above phenomenon occurs, the Sundray Smart Switch can automatically find the problem and “restart the camera” to solve the problem without labor cost.

What’s more, in the traditional enterprise network, when the network fails, the operation and maintenance personnel manually check the problem. It may take 10 minutes and half an hour to find the problem. If the problem is found, the business may have been hung for a long time...

With the Sundray smart switch, once a service failure occurs, the system will notify the operation and maintenance personnel of the fault message in real time through SMS and Sundray cloud assistant. The IT operation and maintenance personnel can quickly find the problem through the switch visualization interface.


In addition, Sundray intelligent switch can view various conditions of network operation through the background operation and maintenance interface, such as switch hardware load, number of failures, fault type, etc., so as to better optimize the network. The smart plug-in, plug-and-play, one-click configuration, visual view, security linkage, automatic alarm and repair functions in the large-scale networking scenarios truly reflect the “high degree of automation” and allow more operators. Mechanical work is no longer repeated.

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