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Sundray technology exhibition hall is officially open to display the wisdom of technology


At the beginning of August, the exhibition area of Sundray Technical New Office Building was officially opened, and all partners and users could make appointments to visit. The exhibition area is divided into three parts: company introduction, product and solution introduction, intelligent conference room live experience, which fully reflects the concept of Sincerely technology based on user scenarios and wireless connectivity vision.

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Compared with the original exhibition hall, the biggest difference of the new exhibition area is the scene display. Through the combination of product scheme and user's actual scene, the abstract topology diagram is figured, and the application of SIR technology products in various trades and subdivisions is more intuitive.

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In addition, the new exhibition area has joined the application of the information sharp technology Internet of Things, such as infrared sensing, automatic curtains, intelligent temperature and humidity regulation.

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In four years, the number of technical staff has increased sixfold, the number of offices has increased from more than 10 to more than 40, the scope of business has expanded from domestic to overseas, the product line has expanded from wireless to switches, Internet of Things, more than 45,000 customers in the service industry... As a window for external exhibition, Sundray Technologies New Exhibition Hall shows Sundray's growth history, product and solution features, as well as the real-time experience of Intelligent Material Link.

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From being an enterprise wireless to an enterprise-class Internet of Things and smart switches, Sundray has been focusing on one thing: solving the problem of wireless connectivity in real-world scenarios for enterprise users. To continue to take this road, we need each of us believe in sharp people do not forget the original heart, based on customers, rapid response, and adhere to constant innovation.