About Sundray





  • Jun 2018

    According to IDC, Sundray ranks No.3 in Chinese WLAN market.

  • May 2018

    Sangfor, the parent company of Sundray, has been listed successfully.

  • Dec 2017

    Released smart ethernet switch products.

  • Nov 2017

    In the list of DTT TOP50 high-tech, high-growth enterprise.

  • Jan 2017

    Jan 2017, Sundray have more than 400 employee.

  • Dec 2016

    Released IOT products officially.

  • May 2016

    Sundray support server as portal server, integrate with Cisco, Ruckus, Aruba, Huawei etc.

  • Apr 2016

    Released precision marketing function, based on application usage.

  • Dec 2015

    Had more than 10,000 customers.

  • Nov 2015

    Released centralize management solution.

  • Sep 2015

    Ranked No.5 in Chinese WLAN market.

  • Jun 2015

    Released AP VPN, VPN , tunnel encryption solution.

  • May 2015

    Became WAPI member.

  • Apr 2015

    Got CMMI5 certification.

  • Feb 2015

    Authorized by Chinese industry and information department.

  • Jan 2015

    Supported Wireless and wired management.

  • Dec 2014

    Passed ISO9001 certification.

  • Nov 2014

    Released heat-map, marketing firmware.

  • Oct 2014

    Became member of Wi-Fi Alliance

  • Jun 2014

    Integrated Sangfor's IAM.

  • Feb 2014

    Released Wechat authentication.

  • Oct 2013

    Released Wi-Fi ads push function.

  • Jul 2012

    Released first AP.

  • Apr 2011

    Established Wi-Fi team

servered more than 45,000 customers
Servered more than 45,000 customers

Sundray Tech. has served more than 45,000 customers in fianace, scence, company group, education,medical, government ect. industry , including CMC, China TAIPING, Emeishan, Zhangjiajie, GEELY, REDBULL, VANKE and so on.

More cases

More than 20 overseas branches
More than 20 overseas branches

Except for 42 offices in China mainland, Sundray has more than 20 overseas branches, provided service to global market independently. In these branches,there are 2 offices in Philippines and Indonesia, and 22 agencies in Aisa, Europe, Africa, South America and Oceania.

Detail branches

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